Gong Li Quan (Power Fist)

Gong Li Quan meaning “Power Fist” is a famous routine in Northern Shaolin and is the second routine of the ten fundamental Chinwoo routines. It teaches beginners how to correctly master the posture of various stances and hand techniques such as fist, palm and hook.

Gong Li Quan demands sturdy and proper postures with firm stances. It also requires precise release of strength. Shifting of stance has to be quick and agile, but still maintaining stability. It is good for strengthening the arms, developing waist muscles and improving stances .


The 10 Forms of Chin Woo

The Ten Chin Woo Forms

  1. TANTUI (Springing Legs)
  2. GONG LI QUAN (Strength Boxing)
  3. DA ZHAN QUAN (Big Fighting)
  4. JIE QUAN (Connecting Fist)
  5. BA GUA DAO (8 Diagram Broadsword)
  6. QUN YANG GUN (Sheep Flocking Pole)
  7. WU HU QIANG (5 Tiger Spear)
  8. TAO QUAN (Combination Fighting Sets)
  9. JIE TAN TUI (Springing Legs Applications)
  10. DAN DAO CHUAN QIANG (Single Broadsword versus Spear)