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“Once you conquer that you are going to feel the bliss, you are going to feel good and you are going to get the best energy out of it that you can have out of this.” - GrandMaster Jimmy Wong

Tai Chi: It’s no longer just for seniors. The slow fluid movement of Tai Chi is great for conditioning the body and mind.

For those interested in the internal martial arts, we offer classes on Wu (Hao) Taiji. Wu (Hao) Taiji is a gentle form of exercise with an emphasis on focus, relaxation, and proper posture. From a martial perspective, Wu (Hao) Taiji is effective due to its focus on smaller, connected movements generating immense power and the concept of softness overcoming hardness. Our Sifu, Grandmaster Jimmy K. Wong, is the sixth generation direct lineage of the Wu Yu-Xiang Wu(Hao) Tai Chi system.

According to Stress in America survey, 75% of American adults feel high levels of stress every month. For some, it actually turns into full blown panic disorder.

Study shows Tai Chi reduces stress and anxiety, while increasing energy, flexibility, and agility. Some evidence shows that it improves joint pain.

Tai Chi, also referred to as Tai Chi Chuan and Taijiquan, is the ultimate health and defense system started by a Chinese Sage by the name of Chang San-Feng. The movements throughout the the entire Tai Chi form emphasize both firm and soft postures aimed at developing inner self-control.

All the movements are practiced at a slow, meditative pace in order to develop control over one’s own energy force and balances. The energy force, or Qi (chi), as the Chinese refer to it, takes natural breath control and the awareness of the body to develop. Tai Chi Chuan combines all of these healthy attributes to bring about total internal and external strength and rebuilds one’s spirit and body.

Tai Chi: The Alternative to Medicine?

Read the full article here

The benefits of Tai Chi are:

  • It warms the body in the winter and cools it in the summer.
  • It develops good posture, resulting in relief of back pains
  • It promotes deep breathing, develops the lungs to their normality, and tones up the heart
  • It promotes digestion and enables the stomach to absorb the nourishments from food more efficiently
  • It lowers blood pressure and reduces stress
  • It prevents lime formation or precipitation in the bones
  • It regulates blood circulation
  • It cleans the digestive system
  • It wastes no energy, induces perspiration, eliminates waste, and expels dampness and excess water in the body
  • It promotes the assimilation of nourishment from food thus mending the bones and the marrow

Check out our Schedule page for Tai Chi class schedule

For more information about Wu(Hao) Taiji, please visit our website: http://wuhaotaiji.com/about-wuhao-taichi.php

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