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Class Etiquette

Each student is required to follow etiquette during classes:

  • Salute towards the training hall when entering/exiting from the front or back door. To do this, stand facing the training area with your feet together, place your left palm over your right fist, and salute towards the training area.
  • Always refer to Sifu Wong as “Sifu” (teacher).
  • Address your instructors as either “Si-Hing” (senior brother) or “Si Jie” (senior sister).
  • When responding to Sifu or an instructor, address them using “sir” or “ma’am.” (ex: “yes, sir;” “no, sir;” “yes, ma’am;” “no, ma’am.” (This applies only to children.)
  • No chewing gum or eating food while training.
  • No sitting during class. You are here to train!
  • No talking or playing in the training hall during class.
  • No playing with the equipment in the training hall.
  • You must bring and use your own weapons during class.
  • Anyone who fails to do any of the preceding requirements will be subject to a penalty (20 push-ups for Shaolin students).


  • Please attend the classes designated for you to ensure sufficient learning and training for all students.
  • Be on time! Shaolin students late for class will be penalized by doing 20 push-ups.
  • There are no credits, make-ups or refunds for missed classes.

Uniforms and Dress Code:

You must, at all times, wear the appropriate uniform to class. If you do not wear the appropriate uniform to class, you will not be allowed to train and/or will be disciplined accordingly (push-ups for Shaolin students). The appropriate dress code includes:

  • Shirt: Yellow J.K. Wong Kungfu Tai Chi Academy shirt.
  • Pants: Black Kungfu/Tai Chi pants. No visible rips, tears, or stains.
  • Shoes: Kungfu/Tai Chi shoes.
  • Sashes: If you have tested and received a sash, you must wear that sash to class. Only instructors and designated assistants can wear the black wushu sashes.
  • Jacket: All shaolin students are required to obtain a kungfu jacket by the time they receive their first sash. The jacket and sash must be worn to class. (When the weather is cold, it is permissible to wear the Academy red sweatshirts or red long sleeve tee shirts. However, please tuck in the shirts and wear your sash over it.)

An instructor will inform you if any attire is inappropriate.

Weapons and Sparring:

  • All students learning weapons/sparring must purchase their own gear weapons/gear to train with.
  • All students are responsible for bringing their own equipment to class and taking it home after class.
  • All students must use their own weapons/gear in class.
  • All students must treat weapons with the respect they deserve; they are not toys.

Payment and Late Fees:

  • Tuition is due by the 7th of every month. There will be a $10 late fee if tuition is received between the 8th and the 14th, a $20 late charge if it is received between the 15th and the 21st of the month, and a $30 late fee if received after the 21st of the month. If the tuition and late fees are not paid by the end of the month, the student will not be allowed to train until tuition and late fees are paid in full.
  • There will also be a $20.00 charge for bounced checks.