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Honky Tonk Kung Fu

This year’s Legends of Kung Fu was featured in Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine.

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Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine

Legends of Kung Fu


Legends of Kung Fu 2014


Article by Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine

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JK Wong at Halliburton Academy

JK Wong Academy was invited to perform at Halliburton Academy, 5 day global internal conference held in San Antonio, Texas. Check out the amazing performance.

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2014 Chinese New Year Shows

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Video: Trammel Crow Museum Show

Students of JK Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy performing kung fu, tai chi, and lion and dragon dance at the Trammel Crow Museum of Asian Arts in downtown Dallas.

The JK Wong Lion and Dragon Dance Team is available to perform in a variety of occasions such as festivals, grand openings, weddings, diversity days, and other events.

For more information, please contact us by phone or email.


About JK Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy
The JK Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy offers classes in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Wu (Hao) Tai Chi, Lion Dance, and Dragon dance. The JK Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy is conveniently located in Richardson, Texas.

Video Production by Leon Truong.

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Lui Wei Chang’s Take on Tan Tui

This is Part II of our series on Tan Tui. Click here for Part I of Tan Tui series.

Lui Wei Chang’s Take on Tan Tui
By Jimmy K. Wong and Patty Sun

Mr. Lu Wei Change, one of the 3 members who reopened the Chin Woo school following Grandmaster Huo Yuan Jia’s passing, emphasized the importance of Tan Tui in history books based on his own experienced. Mr. Lu was very weak when he was young, and often became sick easily. However, after 10 years of training the Tan Tui, he became strong and was even able to help protect the country.

In the beginning, his family discouraged him from training Tan Tui, telling him it was a waste of time. He refused to take their advice and instead trained very seriously for the next 10 years. Not only did he become strong, but he learned discipline and gained much wisdom. He became very alert and was able to “see” things better.

Mr. Lu noted how his first 3 days of training were the toughest. He was very sore and tired, and his family discouraged him from continuing. He refused to listened and continued to train even more seriously despite the pain. After 2 weeks of continuous training, he felt his energy become very strong. Curious, he asked his teach why this was. The teacher told him that his old weak muscles had been replenished by the new energized muscles and that was why he became stronger.

Mr. Lu did not fall sick as much as before, and his appetite improved. He not only started to develop stronger muscles, but his lungs also grew stronger, and he felt high in spirit. During his training, he found that he used a lot of force from the waist, and that he had to use his mind to control the waist and in turn to move his legs and hands simultaneously. This was the “spring” in Tan Tui. He also found his coordination improving, and therefore he was more alert – not just in training, but even in his everyday work.

Check back next week for our next for Part III of our Tan Tui series.

About JK Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi AcademyThe JK Wong Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy is a martial arts school located in Richardson, Texas. Our kung fu school offers kids and adult martial arts classes in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Wu (Hao) Tai Chi, and performs Lion Dance and Dragon Dances in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex and cities within Texas.

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Wushu Broadsword Workshop II

Announcing: Group Wushu Broadsword Workshop, Part II
Taught by Sihing Mukund Ramesh
Saturday September 21, 2:00pm-3:30pm
Price: $25

This workshop will be a continuation of the form taught in June. The session will be geared towards those who already learned Part I of the form.

Now that the students have had experience working with a broadsword, we will be able to teach the form much more quickly. We plan on making significant progress learning the form in this workshop. Please plan on attending if you wish to be a part of the performance team during the upcoming Lunar New Year performances.

We will be reviewing Part I of this form during this Saturday’s class, so please plan on coming to train.

Please sign your name on the sign-up sheet at the Academy if you plan on taking the workshop.


Notes from Part I:
In this workshop, we will teach a Group Wushu Broadsword Form.

Everyone is eligible to take this workshop, but the younger students will likely have a much harder time learning this form. The form will be taught relatively quickly, and students’ outside practice is expected. We plan on making a team of 4 or 6 students and turning this into a performance form which can be done during Lunar New Year shows and even in competition.

If you wish to take this workshop, you will need to have your own Wushu Broadsword. Our school carries adult sizes, but Kid sizes will need to be bought online.

The sword should be approximately one arm’s length; i.e. the length from the fingertips to the torso when measured under the arm when sticking out to the side. If you need help sizing yourself or your kids, please ask an instructor for help.

Here is a link to buy the sword.

We recommend not purchasing the “Super Grip.” It is better to buy a ‘not too sticky’ tennis racket grip and wrap the sword handle yourself. For more information, please talk to an instructor.

We will have a sign up sheet in class to see who is interested in taking the seminar.